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Glossary of solvents and related terms used in various industries

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Term Definition
Equilibration time

Time required for the distillation system to come to a steady state before removal of the distillate is begun.


State of which maximum vapor-to-liquid contact is achieved and the low boilers are extracted from the distilland with the high boilers remaining in the pot. This is achieved with the still in total reflux and occasionally takes many hours depending on the characteristics of the compound being separated.


Excessive amounts of liquid being forced into the head of the still because of excessively high pot temperatures.


A fluorinated solvent that contains fluorine in its chemical make-up.

Fluorinated Solvent

A solvent that contains fluorine in its chemical make-up.


A fraction of the distillate collected.

Fractional distillation

An intricate distillation to obtain a high purity product.


HCF is a chlorofluorocarbon is an organic compound that contains carbon, chlorine, and fluorine. HCFC are hydrochlorofluorocarbons which contain hydrogen in addition to carbon, chlorine, and fluorine. Most commonly, the term refers to a family of volatile derivatives of methane and ethane. Many CFCs have been widely used as refrigerants, propellants (in aerosol applications), and solvents. The manufacture of such compounds are being phased out by the Montreal Protocol because they contribute to ozone depletion.

HCFC solvents have been available for a number of years. They were considered to be a "Stop Gap" product to provide an alternative to CFCs whilst taking into consideration environmental, technical and economic aspects. Although regulations are still being drawn up: production is currently scheduled to cease in 2015 in the European Union and in 2030 for the rest of the world.

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The part of a spinning band that is machined or twisted into a screw type configuration which causes the liquid in the still to be pumped downward.


Hexane solvents are intended for application in chemical industry to produce synthetic types of rubber, polyolefins; in light industry for wool pretreatment; in microbiological industry for extractive purification of protein-vitamin concentrate; in food industry to extract edible fats, as well as to extract volatile oils from essential oil stuff.

Hold up

The amount of liquid required to completely wet the internal surface of the still. This is considered to be the amount of distilland that cannot be recovered from the distillation.


Ketones are compounds containing the carbonyl group (CO) to which is attached two alkyl groups. Ketones, such as methyl ethyl ketone(Butanone), are commonly used as solvents for resins and plastics. Methyl ethyl ketone CH3C(O)CH2CH3 is also used in some adhesives.


NuPro Technologies, Inc., a company specializing in processing chemistries and solvent reclamation equipment for flexographic printing.

NuPro’s latest innovation with low-odor flexo plate processing chemistries is its development of formulae that produce lower emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to improve worker safety and reduce regulatory reporting requirements.

Additionally, NuPro’s Cold Reclamation System (CRS) provides an effective alternative to vacuum distillation for solvent recycling. With regard to solvent recycling, the inherent hazards involved and the costs of equipment operation have typically restricted in-house distillation to the larger flexo platemaking trade shops, while smaller shops have historically relied on third party distillation services.

With the safer and more efficient cold filtration technology utilized by the CRS, in house solvent recycling has become more cost effective for large shops and a very appealing option for small shops as well.


The first alternative washing out solution by DuPont for use in WashOff units. Cyrel OptiSol is a registered trademark of DuPont.


Components: C6-C8 Iso-alcohols 100%

OptiSol In-Line MSDS


Components: NONYL ACETATES CAS 108419-33-6 ~70%; BENZYL ALCOHOL CAS 100-51-6 ~30%

OptiSol Rotary MSDS


Material placed in a distillation column to create surface on which liquid/vapor contact can take place. Common packing types include Heli-pak, Propak and may other types.

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