Friday, January 19, 2018
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Glossary of solvents and related terms used in various industries

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A non-chlorinated/non-fluorinated safety solvent designed for degreasing mechanical equipment, tools, machine parts, etc. Formulated with a controlled evaporation rate to stay on surface longer and reduce condensation. Evaporates residue free with no rinsing required. Barrier treated containers.


A measure of the ability of the distillation column to separate compounds. This is usually referred to in theoretical plates.

Equilibration time

Time required for the distillation system to come to a steady state before removal of the distillate is begun.


State of which maximum vapor-to-liquid contact is achieved and the low boilers are extracted from the distilland with the high boilers remaining in the pot. This is achieved with the still in total reflux and occasionally takes many hours depending on the characteristics of the compound being separated.

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