Friday, January 19, 2018
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Glossary of solvents and related terms used in various industries

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Term Definition

Material placed in a distillation column to create surface on which liquid/vapor contact can take place. Common packing types include Heli-pak, Propak and may other types.

Poly-Safe INL

Developed to replace hazardous washout solutions, new and improved Poly-Safe INL offers all the features of Poly-Safe II, and is even easier to use! Poly-Safe INL is ready for re-use after distillation - no additives are required! Other features include: - Reduces washout time up to 40%! - Requires no equipment modification. - Eliminates polymer buildup in processing equipment. - Consistent process times - even at high loading. - No hazardous air pollutants


Solidification of a liquid in the still due to the formation of large complex molecules by thermal decomposition of the initial distilland.

Printing Plate

Printing Plate is commonly used in offset printing. Printing Plate is a surface, usually made of metal, that has been treated to carry an image. During the printing process printing plates are inked and the ink is transferred to the paper or other surface by a printing press. Printing plates can also be made of rubber, synthetic rubber, and plastics.

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