Friday, January 19, 2018
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Glossary of solvents and related terms used in various industries

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A low-odor, high speed washout solvent for use in WashOff units.

Cyrel® Cylosol is Dupont's development in flexographic plate washout solvent technology. Although it provides the same balanced washout and drying performance of Optisol, Cylosol’s pleasant unobtrusive odor will be like a breath of fresh air in your plate room.

Not only does Cylosol do an excellent job as a photopolymer washout solvent, but digital LAMs layers, capping layers and release layers all dissolve quickly and completely, resulting in reduced processor sludging.

Cyrel® Cylosol operates at a lower temperature than other solvents and can be used in all flexographic processors with minimal washout adjustments. In addition, Cylosol can be efficiently recovered in existing distillation units and requires no re­balancing after distillation.

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